Thanks To 3 On Your Side, City Wide Contacted Their Insurance Company And The Insurance Company Came Out Here.

An employee with the company tried clearing the drain with a metal cable called a plumbing snake. But the snake became stuckpermanently and the company simply left it there. Orin showed 3 On Your Side the stuck drain snake. "Here's the snake, that's stuck, it won't come out,"Orin said. City Wide plumbing blamed the problem on the couple's old pipes, saying their pipe broke and snagged the snake. The company at first said they weren't going to remove the snake or fix the pipe because it wasn't their fault. However, after 3 On Your Side's involvement, the plumbing company had a change of heart and turned the pricey repair over to their insurance company. "Thanks to 3 On Your Side, City Wide contacted their insurance company and the insurance company came out here. The adjuster made an assessment and sent us a check to cover the repairs for all the damages," Orin said.

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